General Nano takes flight

Joe Sprengard claims he became an entrepreneur “by accident” seven years ago, when he met two University of Cincinnati inventors facing a difficult decision: License their nanotechnology to a Seattle-based firm or create a company of their own. The pair wanted to keep their innovative technology local, but they needed help from a business leader.


Meet the Team Behind the Mission: Q&A with Kimm Coyner

In its mission to recruit companies and grow jobs, the REDI Cincinnati team amplifies our region’s unique story to national and international audiences. This series flips the microphone for a look at what makes these passionate economic development professionals tick — and what they love most about living and working in Greater Cincinnati.

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Toasting our succeses

The Greater Cincinnati region just closed a remarkable year. Learn how our region is earning recognition on a national stage.

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Checking it Twice

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and for locally based retailers, warehouse staff and supply chain managers, that means one thing: Regional logistics are in full swing.

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Biotech the Greater Cincinnati way - 3 reasons to invest with confidence

Biohealth investments are still some of the riskiest, but the upside is huge if they’re successful. According to Bexion Pharmaceuticals VP Margaret Gilse, Greater Cincinnati offers fertile ground for bio projects to grow — and it’s turning heads in international medical circles.

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Project Spotlight: 80 Acres Farms brings fresh food to plates — almost instantly

Greater Cincinnati is home base for the innovative 80 Acres Farms. With help from REDI Cincinnati, the company secured a 12,000-square-foot vegetable-growing facility. There, food industry veterans Mike Zelkind and Tish Livingston installed a vertical, hydroponic system equivalent to (you guessed it) 80 acres of farmland.

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Greater Cincinnati Foreign Trade Zones (FTZs) give global companies serious edge

If you’re involved in global trading, you’ve probably heard of them. Maybe you’re even familiar with the two active zones serving Greater Cincinnati. But few people fully understand the advantages and ROI that participation in an FTZ can bring to their bottom line.

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Future-Proof Careers: Robots on the Rise

Some might say Dr. Austin Lee, associate professor of communication at Northern Kentucky University (NKU), has a thing for robots. That would be something of an understatement.