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Every industry needs well-trained employees. From the manufacturing floor to the C-Suite, companies across the U.S. are searching for talent – and the Cincinnati region is capable of filling that void. The region’s business and community leaders have uncovered innovative solutions and continue to work together to attract and retain both young and seasoned professionals.

Leverage New and Innovative Education Initiatives:

    • Ohio’s TechCred Program, led by Lt. Gov. John Husted – TechCred helps Ohioans learn new skills and helps employers build a stronger workforce with the skills needed in a technology-infused economy. Employers no longer need to identify specific individuals in an application. Instead, employers will list the number of current or future employees who will earn each credential. Employees can also now earn multiple credentials each application period. Learn more here.
    • The University of Cincinnati’s Early IT ProgramThe Early IT Program is an innovative partnership between the University, K12 school districts, community colleges, and the industry that challenges the status quo for college access and affordability while significantly increasing the quantity, quality, and diversity of IT talent. This program is centered around key innovative concepts that significantly reduce the total cost of a bachelor’s degree while improving the level of job readiness for the graduates. Key concept include: teaching the first year of the bachelor’s degree in high schools, integrating a 20-month paid work experience (co-op), providing an accelerated bachelor’s plus master’s degree option to eliminate an additional two years of education. Students who complete their first year of classes in high school with a C or above average are automatically accepted to complete a bachelor’s, a master’s, and 20 months of work experience in just four years after high school. Learn more here.
    • Miami University’s Work+ ProgramWork+ is a program designed for Miami University Regionals students to obtain an associate or bachelor’s degree while working part-time and getting their tuition paid. Students work approximately 24 hours per week with one of Miami’s Work+ employers and take classes in a major of their choice. Work+ makes college financially feasible for students while providing a stable labor force for participating employers. Through the Work+ program students are able to graduate debt free, while participating employers experience reduced turnover, engagement with a willing talent pipeline, and access to a qualified workforce to fill their open jobs. Learn more here.
    • Butler Tech’s Fifth Day ExperienceThe Fifth Day Experience is an opportunity to transform high school students’ learning experiences and take education to the next level through personalized learning, growth through innovation, and the modernization of public education. The Fifth Day Experience provides an innovative reconfiguration of the traditional school calendar to include four-day weeks, Monday – Thursday, while receiving the same number of schools days/hours. Students are empowered to personalize their own Fifth Day Experience (Fridays) to increase their learning experiences and expand their personal growth through opportunities such as working/volunteering, co-op/internships, job shadowing, etc. The Fifth Day Experience provides increased public/private partnership opportunities as well as career tech exposure and impression. Learn more here.
GE Aviation Image

Success Story | GE Aerospace

GE Aerospace Jet Engine Teardown Program – Cincinnati State Technical & Community College

  • Program goal: To train GE Aerospace engineers on engine teardown, inspection, and assembly.
  • Solution: Cincinnati State recruited and trained qualified instructors, developed course material, and executed training that familiarizes GE Aerospace engineers with the CF-34 engine teardown. GE Aerospace supplied four engines, committed to six pilot classes, and offered an on-site shop area with the appropriate tooling.
  • Result: Thousands of GE Aerospace engineers participated in the program, and Cincinnati State continues to refine the training to fit the company’s changing needs.


GE Additive Training Program – Cincinnati State Technical & Community College

  • Program goal: To create a pipeline of workers trained in additive manufacturing.
  • Solution: Cincinnati State’s Workforce Development Center will leverage a nearly $400,000 grant from the federally funded LIFT Institute to develop training for additive technicians.

Did you know? The National Academy of Inventors (NAI) and the Intellectual Property Owners Association (IPO) named the University of Cincinnati in its Top 100 universities for patents. Read more.

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Our Schools are Building Our Talent Pipeline

"Cincinnati State’s role in our community is to provide employers with the talent they need. We’re working to make sure that our students continue building Cincinnati’s economy and we appreciate REDI as a vital partner in this work. Through strategic alignment and direct connections with businesses, REDI is essential to our mission."

"Xavier University has been an integral partner with REDI Cincinnati in ensuring organizations and businesses have a rich and deep talent pool from which to recruit. Xavier and the Williams College of Business are also committed to providing the application based business skills for the companies present employees to further add to the success of their firms. Together, Xavier and REDI Cincinnati create a strong foundation for a vital and growing business community in the region."

"Greater Cincinnati’s geographical proximity to 60% of the US population within a day’s driving distance, its strength in the technology, health and logistics sectors, and a burgeoning start-up scene, coupled with research, innovation, and talent produced by great universities, makes this region an excellent choice for businesses to grow and expand. NKU and REDI are strategic partners in keeping this region welcoming, vibrant, and prosperous."

“The Cincinnati Innovation District, anchored by the economic engine of the University of Cincinnati, is fueling the talent needs of the region. Together, with REDI and the community, we are working to create 20,000 jobs and $3B in annual economic impact for our region. Our model is a blueprint for the state and the nation.”

“Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities is a state of Ohio agency. Our team works tirelessly to make sure that people with disabilities are a valued resource for workforce development. Over the last 30 weeks (during the COVID-19 pandemic) our team was able to place over 2,600 Ohioans with disabilities into jobs. That number is a true testament to our staff, counselors, and employer partners that we have across the state of Ohio.”

“Advanced Manufacturing Industry Partnership (AMIP) was designed to bring local manufacturers together to collaborate and find solutions for our industry’s skills gaps. Currently, AMIP has 250 active members. In 2019, we had the largest collection of Manufacturing Day events in the country, hosting more than 5,000 students at about 70 company locations. Together, we are working to better connect with our future talent pipeline.”

The Cincinnati region is extremely advanced in technology. We have industry leaders like GE Aviation and P&G that are looking 10-20 years in the future. They are asking questions about future workforce needs that will drive our educational institutions’ offerings. TechSolve works with AMIP and the regional educational institutions on a statewide initiative to upskill 5,000 Ohioans with innovative earn-and-learn (apprenticeship) strategies.”