The Cincinnati region offers one of the best ecosystems for manufacturers to thrive and grow. Regional growth in manufacturing has more than doubled the national average during the last five years. A fast-growing economy, 33% more workers, and one of the busiest inland ports—combined with skilled talent and strong market access—are just a few of the many reasons your company can relocate here with confidence.

"Why Cincinnati? Why Evendale? And really, there was no decision to make; when you're home, you're home. We're very comfortable declaring that to the world."


Notable Manufacturing Companies in the Cincinnati Region

Nehemiah Manufacturing Building

Success Story

Nehemiah Manufacturing

Nehemiah Manufacturing announced a 3.6 million dollar investment in the construction of a new 50,000 square foot lot in Lower Price Hill. The result of this endeavor will be 15 new, skilled employment opportunities for job seekers looking for a second chance.

The company expects to be able to meet the demands of its growing e-commerce business and overcome supply-chain constraints.

Through the project, Nehemiah Manufacturing lives its mission to build brands, create jobs and change lives.

Five Regional Companies Awarded
Future home of Nestlé Purina

Success Story


In 2019, Nestlé-Purina Petcare identified an opportunity to grow beyond its 21 manufacturing facilities across the U.S. and began searching for a site to build what would become its first production facility from the ground up since the 1970s. The company sought a large site where it could quickly begin construction and a region with a fruitful talent pool. After considering several other locations, the pet food maker chose the South Afton Industrial Park in Clermont County to build a 1.2 million-square-foot facility and will create 300 new jobs. Here the company will make its popular and trusted high-quality pet food brands. The site, which was shovel-ready and authenticated by the SiteOhio readiness program, dates back to 2016 when Clermont County began assembling the land and preparing it for development. The final outcome was the result of a partnership between Clermont County, Duke Energy, REDI Cincinnati and JobsOhio, all of whom came together to make it the perfect site for the company’s latest investment.

Nestlé-Purina’s new facility is expected to bring 550 million dollars of investment to the 200-acre site in Williamsburg Township. And this project was the largest within the Midwest for 2020.

Nestlé Purina PetCare Plans to Build New Factory

Success Story


South Carolina-based Diversey, a leading hygiene, infection protection, and cleaning solutions manufacturer, announced it will invest $86 million to open a new production and logistics facility with more than 300 new jobs in Kenton County in 2021. BE NKY Growth Parternship (formerly Northern Kentucky Tri-ED) provided support and guidance with the City of Elsmere and State of Kentucky to bring the company to a new 840,000 square foot facility developed by Core5 Industrial Partners in Northern Kentucky.

“This facility will help us better serve our institutional customers, strengthen our business and market position, and better manage our inventory and supply chain.” – Diversey Company Statement

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Hear from the companies in our region.

"Starting and operating any business comes with its own set of challenges. Starting and operating a minority, women-owned business adds additional challenges. Cincinnati works hard to eliminate those additional challenges by providing agencies dedicated to bringing diversity and inclusion to our region. REDI Cincinnati is a leader in this area, providing support, education and right-now solutions for ALL Cincinnati Business Leaders."

“Advanced Manufacturing Industry Partnership (AMIP) was designed to bring local manufacturers together to collaborate and find solutions for our industry’s skills gaps. Currently, AMIP has 250 active members. In 2019, we had the largest collection of Manufacturing Day events in the country, hosting more than 5,000 students at about 70 company locations. Together, we are working to better connect with our future talent pipeline.”

“We have built a world-class data strategy and analytics team here to address business opportunities across every P&G function.”

“It’s about changing the culture from a comfortable, slow environment to one where challenging the status quo is an unconscious element of what we do on a daily basis. This collaboration with UC and having 1819’s incredibly passionate and energetic resources at our fingertips will create a valuable mechanism that we can leverage to drive strategic and sustainable growth for the future.”

“Since the beginning, we have been looking at different locations in the Midwest. The assistance offered from the State of Ohio combined with the appealing proposal from the City of Hamilton motivated our decision. JobsOhio, REDI Cincinnati, and the City of Hamilton have been key supporting players during this process. We are very excited about this new project and we look forward to the next steps”.

The Cincinnati region is extremely advanced in technology. We have industry leaders like GE Aviation and P&G that are looking 10-20 years in the future. They are asking questions about future workforce needs that will drive our educational institutions’ offerings. TechSolve works with AMIP and the regional educational institutions on a statewide initiative to upskill 5,000 Ohioans with innovative earn-and-learn (apprenticeship) strategies.”