What People are Saying

The City of Harrison’s relationship with REDI has proven incredibly valuable. Their staff has provided timely and authoritative assistance for company projects small and large in our community. REDI’s link to JobsOhio has created a local-regional-state team that provides answers and gets results. The professionalism demonstrated by REDI has given Harrison an opportunity to tell its unique story within our greater region. We appreciate their leadership.”

“REDI has helped ROInsights tremendously with scaling our business and attracting the right talent. We are appreciative of the support offered by JobsOhio, REDI Cincinnati, and the City of Cincinnati to help secure funding to take our business to the next level.

“After living on four continents and running businesses in over 60 countries, I would have never guessed my path would lead back to Cincinnati. And I can say that I have never lived in a city, nor do I know of a city, in which so many great things co-exist. Billions of people around the world would consider this a dreamland of possibilities, and I am confident that not only will we continue our momentum, but that our best years are right in front of us.”

“By default, our team has been virtually placed over the last couple of years, but as we grew the business, it got to the point where having a home base made sense. With Cincinnati, it’s similar to the Amazon approach — where you can reach millions of people in one day. If you take Cincinnati as a hub from a biotech standpoint, you’re one tank of gas away from Chicago, Detroit, Pittsburgh, Lexington, Ohio State, Cleveland Clinic — places that collectively represent billions of dollars in federal funding.

"As we continue to expand our footprint in the Tri-state, on both sides of the river, we hope to become a model for other companies. Our region is incredibly rich in talent – capable, educated professionals who save lives every day – skills we saw proven time and again throughout the fight against COVID-19. We hope our continued success here encourages others to consider bringing jobs to the region. Thank you to JobsOhio, REDI Cincinnati, the State of Ohio, the City of Cincinnati, Corporex, Gravity Diagnostic, and countless other companies who have helped us get to this point."

Our significant presence in the Cincinnati market and the state of Ohio is integral to our long-term growth plans and goals to deepen our global leadership in financial technology innovation. We look forward to our continued partnership with the Cincinnati region and the state as we focus on our mission to advance the way the world pays, banks, and invests. We would particularly like to acknowledge JobsOhio and REDI Cincinnati for their leadership and assistance with this agreement.”

The Cincinnati region is extremely advanced in technology. We have industry leaders like GE Aviation and P&G that are looking 10-20 years in the future. They are asking questions about future workforce needs that will drive our educational institutions’ offerings. TechSolve works with AMIP and the regional educational institutions on a statewide initiative to upskill 5,000 Ohioans with innovative earn-and-learn (apprenticeship) strategies.”

“Advanced Manufacturing Industry Partnership (AMIP) was designed to bring local manufacturers together to collaborate and find solutions for our industry’s skills gaps. Currently, AMIP has 250 active members. In 2019, we had the largest collection of Manufacturing Day events in the country, hosting more than 5,000 students at about 70 company locations. Together, we are working to better connect with our future talent pipeline.”

“It’s about changing the culture from a comfortable, slow environment to one where challenging the status quo is an unconscious element of what we do on a daily basis. This collaboration with UC and having 1819’s incredibly passionate and energetic resources at our fingertips will create a valuable mechanism that we can leverage to drive strategic and sustainable growth for the future.”

“Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities is a state of Ohio agency. Our team works tirelessly to make sure that people with disabilities are a valued resource for workforce development. Over the last 30 weeks (during the COVID-19 pandemic) our team was able to place over 2,600 Ohioans with disabilities into jobs. That number is a true testament to our staff, counselors, and employer partners that we have across the state of Ohio.”

"Starting and operating any business comes with its own set of challenges. Starting and operating a minority, women-owned business adds additional challenges. Cincinnati works hard to eliminate those additional challenges by providing agencies dedicated to bringing diversity and inclusion to our region. REDI Cincinnati is a leader in this area, providing support, education and right-now solutions for ALL Cincinnati Business Leaders."

“REDI was an instrumental partner in the movement of our Headquarters to the Queensgate area. Our roots are planted in Cincinnati, so we knew we wanted to stay here. The new office allowed us to maximize our collaboration, promote profitability, and broaden our community reach in a new area of town, hoping to spur future development. With REDI’s aid, we were able to hire 10 new employees and retain 80 while investing $4.3M in capital investment.”

"Our students’ success comes from having skills that are in demand. In turn, Great Oaks’ success is a result of being able to anticipate the demand. Through our partnership with REDI Cincinnati, we can better understand, anticipate, and plan for the workforce that our region will need. Our graduates and our region thrive thanks to REDI’s work."

“Throughout my career as an economic development practitioner, my goal was to attract minority-owned companies to the Cincinnati region and the seeds were planted. Now I am leading a minority-owned company myself and personally have the opportunity to expand our business due to assistance from the State and REDI Cincinnati. I am proud to be based in the great State of Ohio as we work to help major companies deliver their products from coast to coast.”

“There is real value for talent to have an option beyond America’s coastal cities. Cincinnati is an option where they can live affordably without missing the cultural advantages of urban life.”

“Since the beginning, we have been looking at different locations in the Midwest. The assistance offered from the State of Ohio combined with the appealing proposal from the City of Hamilton motivated our decision. JobsOhio, REDI Cincinnati, and the City of Hamilton have been key supporting players during this process. We are very excited about this new project and we look forward to the next steps”.

"My hometown of Cincinnati has always played an important role in the Samuel Adams’ story. After all, it is where I found my great, great grandfather’s recipe for what is now known as Samuel Adams Boston Lager and where we have brewed countless Boston Beer Company products since 1994. Senator Portman and the state of Ohio have been champions for the craft beer community and we’re grateful for their partnership and support."

“The combination of expertise from the Lorenzo Food Group in production, Caruso’s logistic strengths, and the attractive local business climate point to a winning formula. We are appreciative of the support offered by JobsOhio, REDI Cincinnati, and the City of Sharonville to secure this project.”

“Our expansion in the region that has been our home for more than 50 years is part of our continued investment in adding capabilities and capacity to meet the consumer’s ever-changing needs. The West Chester expansion enables us to centralize our resources, providing both better service to our customers and an improved workplace for our associates. With our strategic location within 600 miles of 54 percent of the total U.S. purchasing power in our industry, we are excited to continue growing here.”

“Having the ability to sustainably grow our produce in close proximity to our consumer locations dramatically decreases the distance our produce must travel, which increases shelf life and, more important, preserves nutrition and taste.”

"Xavier University has been an integral partner with REDI Cincinnati in ensuring organizations and businesses have a rich and deep talent pool from which to recruit. Xavier and the Williams College of Business are also committed to providing the application based business skills for the companies present employees to further add to the success of their firms. Together, Xavier and REDI Cincinnati create a strong foundation for a vital and growing business community in the region."

“When we constructed our current building in Evendale just over 20 years ago, we never would have imagined running out of space and growing into the company that we are today with close to 300 employees, and over 100 of those based in Evendale. We are excited to move forward with this project and create a beautiful space for our employees and the future of our business.”

“Cincinnati is a hub for food and flavoring companies; the unique position makes it the perfect place to get products to the consumer. We like to say that Cincinnati is a 24-hour drive from 70% of the United States population. Our team has worked with several food and flavoring companies, and it’s wonderful to see that more are calling the great city of Cincinnati home.”

“Our firm sees great value in the corporate, non-profit, and community focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion. This creates a vibrant ecosystem to retain and attract minority, women and veteran-owned businesses to the region. This provides new and exciting opportunities to serve these organizations with risk and insurance consulting services as MBEs make up less than 2% of the industry. With the support of REDI and their focus on underrepresented businesses, along with the major businesses to support them, our region will be the best in class for the growth of wealth and jobs. When our CEO moved to Greensboro, NC, it was for these reasons it was easy to convince him that we should keep Cincinnati as our HQ.”

“The Cincinnati Innovation District, anchored by the economic engine of the University of Cincinnati, is fueling the talent needs of the region. Together, with REDI and the community, we are working to create 20,000 jobs and $3B in annual economic impact for our region. Our model is a blueprint for the state and the nation.”

"Cincinnati State’s role in our community is to provide employers with the talent they need. We’re working to make sure that our students continue building Cincinnati’s economy and we appreciate REDI as a vital partner in this work. Through strategic alignment and direct connections with businesses, REDI is essential to our mission."

 “US Digital Partners is the perfect example of a technology services business thriving in Cincinnati. From innovative startup through 18 years with brands large and small, USDP has shown that our region is ideal for economic and personal prosperity. We have found the combination of talented local graduates, a low cost of living and cost of business, and diverse companies to assist with digital marketing are the primary reasons for our success. Honestly, we could not have picked a better city for our headquarters as we collaborate with brands across the county.”

You have really talented individuals who are working for Fortune 100 companies that might want to dive into the startup scene. The cost of living’s cheap. You have really talented people all over the place. You have an awesome startup ecosystem and a lot of approachable investors, whether that be through CincyTech USA or the Queen City Angels. You have a lot of incubator programs that are right here in the heart of Cincinnati, like Cintrifuse and The Brandery. You have a lot of the guts of what a good startup city should be."

“REDI does a great job connecting with the community and helping everyone understand the importance of economic development and how their success impacts the region.”

“People see this as a vibrant business community, which REDI has supported through their efforts. We are proud to invest in their organization, which continues to contribute to growth opportunities for our region.”

“REDI is both strategic and collaborative, which is critical when attracting business to the region.”

“There is strong collaboration within the Cincinnati region’s business community and REDI plays a key role in forging connections. We appreciate and rely on their partnership and diligent commitment to growing the regional footprint, which creates a larger customer base for us to serve.”

“Our firm sees tremendous value with REDI's role selling the region to the rest of the world.”

Local connections have also played a major role in our ability to grow. Cincinnati Children’s, BioOhio, CincyTech, my former company AtriCure, Ken Parker, and Techway Industries of Franklin have also been invaluable resources in getting the business off the ground. They provided funding, cleanrooms, lab space, office space, and component parts. As well, connections with board members were vital. We are also grateful for the co-op programs at the University of Dayton and the University of Cincinnati.”

"What I really appreciate about REDI, and the City of Cincinnati for that matter, is they give you the feeling that they are truly invested in your success. They want to see you succeed, they want to see you grow and thrive, and are willing to help in any aspect along the way to help facilitate that growth. They are willing to take the time to sit down and discuss growth plans and offer feedback on areas that they can help or make connections. Our interests are aligned which is the goal of every great partnership".

“We have built a world-class data strategy and analytics team here to address business opportunities across every P&G function.”

"Why Cincinnati? Why Evendale? And really, there was no decision to make; when you're home, you're home. We're very comfortable declaring that to the world."

"REDI impressed me on multiple levels. We're loving it. Needless to say we are extremely satisfied with the results."

"The Cincinnati region is in an “ideal economic situation” thanks to competitive state income tax rates, which hover around five percent, compared to nine percent in places like Connecticut. And as momentum builds around projects like the Amazon hub at CVG, steadily low commercial rents will help us compete with expensive markets like Charlotte, Nashville, and even NYC.”

We have a tremendous opportunity to gain from and give to this region. We believe workers in the Cincinnati region will benefit from using our technology, some of the best in the world and in line with principles of the Industry 4.0.”

“Whenever I’ve had something going on or any kind of challenge, I know I can call REDI Cincinnati and they will at least have a touch point for me. They’ve been a tremendous help.

“Business leaders need to know our diverse economy is fueled by small, midsized, and multinational companies. No matter the industry or focus, this is a place where you can reach world-class potential. We have tangible resources like TheCincinnatiExperience.com, REDICincinnati.com, as well as the Chamber’s platform, Hello Cincy.”