What People are Saying

 “US Digital Partners is the perfect example of a technology services business thriving in Cincinnati. From innovative startup through 18 years with brands large and small, USDP has shown that our region is ideal for economic and personal prosperity. We have found the combination of talented local graduates, a low cost of living and cost of business, and diverse companies to assist with digital marketing are the primary reasons for our success. Honestly, we could not have picked a better city for our headquarters as we collaborate with brands across the county.”

You have really talented individuals who are working for Fortune 100 companies that might want to dive into the startup scene. The cost of living’s cheap. You have really talented people all over the place. You have an awesome startup ecosystem and a lot of approachable investors, whether that be through CincyTech USA or the Queen City Angels. You have a lot of incubator programs that are right here in the heart of Cincinnati, like Cintrifuse and The Brandery. You have a lot of the guts of what a good startup city should be."

“REDI does a great job connecting with the community and helping everyone understand the importance of economic development and how their success impacts the region.”

“When we started looking at Cincinnati as a potential region for our global delivery headquarters here in the U.S., we looked at what kind of support we'll get from the community, and when we worked with REDI Cincinnati, we knew that these are the organizations that will stand by us, in our times of growth and expansion.”

“Miami University is one of the founding investors of REDI Cincinnati and we value our working relationship with Kimm and her results-driven team. We are committed to building our regional talent pipeline to meet the business and economic development needs of the Cincinnati region.”

“People see this as a vibrant business community, which REDI has supported through their efforts. We are proud to invest in their organization, which continues to contribute to growth opportunities for our region.”

“REDI is both strategic and collaborative, which is critical when attracting business to the region.”

“There is strong collaboration within the Cincinnati region’s business community and REDI plays a key role in forging connections. We appreciate and rely on their partnership and diligent commitment to growing the regional footprint, which creates a larger customer base for us to serve.”

“Our firm sees tremendous value with REDI's role selling the region to the rest of the world.”

Local connections have also played a major role in our ability to grow. Cincinnati Children’s, BioOhio, CincyTech, my former company AtriCure, Ken Parker, and Techway Industries of Franklin have also been invaluable resources in getting the business off the ground. They provided funding, cleanrooms, lab space, office space, and component parts. As well, connections with board members were vital. We are also grateful for the co-op programs at the University of Dayton and the University of Cincinnati.”

"What I really appreciate about REDI, and the City of Cincinnati for that matter, is they give you the feeling that they are truly invested in your success. They want to see you succeed, they want to see you grow and thrive, and are willing to help in any aspect along the way to help facilitate that growth. They are willing to take the time to sit down and discuss growth plans and offer feedback on areas that they can help or make connections. Our interests are aligned which is the goal of every great partnership".

“We have built a world-class data strategy and analytics team here to address business opportunities across every P&G function.”

“I can’t help but reflect on what a perfect match Cincinnati and GE Aviation have been for 70 years. A community and company that have grown together.

"REDI impressed me on multiple levels. We're loving it. Needless to say we are extremely satisfied with the results."

The Cincinnati region is in an “ideal economic situation” thanks to competitive state income tax rates, which hover around five percent, compared to nine percent in places like Connecticut. And as momentum builds around projects like the Amazon hub at CVG, steadily low commercial rents will help us compete with expensive markets like Charlotte, Nashville, and even NYC.”

We have a tremendous opportunity to gain from and give to this region. We believe workers in the Cincinnati region will benefit from using our technology, some of the best in the world and in line with principles of the Industry 4.0.”

“The original plan was to establish headquarters in NYC, but thanks to partners like REDI, we decided the ecosystem here was just too good. We have the best talent here, not just in marketing and sales, but in areas like client services. For a lot of reasons, Cincinnati is the right place to grow our business."

“Whenever I’ve had something going on or any kind of challenge, I know I can call REDI Cincinnati and they will at least have a touch point for me. They’ve been a tremendous help.

“Business leaders need to know our diverse economy is fueled by small, midsized, and multinational companies. No matter the industry or focus, this is a place where you can reach world-class potential. We have tangible resources like TheCincinnatiExperience.com, REDICincinnati.com, as well as the Chamber’s platform, Hello Cincy.”