Why Invest

The future is bright and we are building it now. Join us!

Your investment supports REDI Cincinnati's aggressive efforts to create and retain jobs and capital investment across the Cincinnati region. Companies of every size and scope across our 16-county region choose to invest in REDI Cincinnati — and that’s no coincidence. They all have one simple thing in common: A belief in our power to fuel the Cincinnati region’s success. We bring players to the table and give companies a foothold for growth.

Our investors understand economies cannot grow without economic development. Growing jobs and capital investment in the region means:

  • Increasing the tax base for cities, counties, villages and other governments to support critical programming
  • Attracting talented, skilled workers
  • Understanding and growing the “ripple effect” of primary industry jobs creating demand for non-primary industry jobs in health care, service-based, personal real estate, etc.
  • Lifting communities out of poverty by creating employment opportunities

REDI Cincinnati’s economic development experts share a singular focus: Unifying the region to compete on a global scale to ensure economic growth and vitality. Major benefits of investing in our mission include:

Investor Engagement Opportunities Ambassador
Recognition at REDI Cincinnati annual meeting & Growth Awards ceremony X X X X X
In-the-know regional developments & announcements through exclusive REDI Cincinnati communications X X X X X
Recognition as an investor on REDI Cincinnati’s website, social media, and materials X X X X X
Invitation to REDI Cincinnati networking opportunities X X X X X
Access to REDI Cincinnati’s original research and market data X X X X X
Seat on the REDI Cincinnati Board of Directors plus the ability to attend REDI Cincinnati quarterly Board meetings X X X X
Opportunity to attend one REDI Cincinnati Board meeting per year (no Board seat) X
Invitation to participate on REDI Cincinnati ad-hoc Councils X X X X X
Listed in REDI Cincinnati online Investor Directory X X X X
Opportunity to travel with REDI Cincinnati and be at the forefront of regional business development X* Domestic travel benefit* International travel benefit* Domestic & International travel benefit*
Eligible to receive and respond to RFIs and prospect site searches (investors must opt-in) X X X X
Invitation to REDI Cincinnati local prospect recruitment initiatives as they occur X X X
Special Recognition at Annual Meeting X X X
Company logo and website link on REDI Cincinnati website X X X
Request custom market intelligence and research from REDI Cincinnati’s in-house research and project teams X X X
First rights to special sponsorship opportunities, as they occur X X
Private annual briefing on strategy progress (investor must opt-in) X X
Recognition as TOP Level Investor on digital communications X

*Contact REDI Cincinnati for detailed travel benefits.

To join the growing list of partners powering our regional economic success forward, contact Carrie Pastor, Vice President for Partnerships & Engagement, at CPastor@REDICincinnati.com or call (513) 579-3128.

“Our firm sees tremendous value with REDI's role selling the region to the rest of the world.”

“REDI does a great job connecting with the community and helping everyone understand the importance of economic development and how their success impacts the region.”

“People see this as a vibrant business community, which REDI has supported through their efforts. We are proud to invest in their organization, which continues to contribute to growth opportunities for our region.”

“REDI is both strategic and collaborative, which is critical when attracting business to the region.”