Located at the intersection of two rivers, three major interstate highways, two class-A railways, two active Foreign Trade Zones, and one international airport, the Cincinnati region enjoys unbeatable proximity to most major cities within a one-day drive and a globally competitive logistics industry. With DHL, and the addition of the Amazon Prime Air Hub, our region is one of the most connected and capable places in the world for moving goods. Simply put, products made here arrive at a customer’s door faster. Our strong logistics industry moves large and small items by train, boat, truck, and plane.

Did you know? The Cincinnati region has The Central Ohio River Business Association (CORBA). This trade association represents local businesses conducting commerce primarily along the Ohio River in the tri-state region including Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana.

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Notable Logistics Companies

Take a Look at the Growth Around CVG International Airport:

CVG South

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CVG – Northeast

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CVG – East

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Expansion – 594 jobs over 5 years, $20M investment; a heavy emphasis on attracting/retaining highest levels of tech talent, as logistics is increasingly becoming a tech-driven industry

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