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Medpace, Inc. wins James A. Wuenker Growth Award

Medpace, Inc. has been growing since it opened its doors in 1992. Its most-recent growth achieved recognition from local economic developers.

Skilled workers help global clinical research organization grow

Medpace grows due to available regional talent base.


Enable Injections completes manufacturing facility for on-body delivery systems

Enable Injections announces new manufacturing facility

Smart, inclusive fitness equipment helps users get more from a workout and share it with their doctor

IncludeFitness makes it easier for everyone to exercise.

New protein replacement therapy makes breathing easier for pre-term babies

Airway Therapeutics creates protein that could help premature babies breathe

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Top #StartupCincy biohealth innovators to speak at BIO International 2016

Top #StartupCincy biohealth innovators to speak at BIO International 2016

REDI Cincinnati shares region’s story with top biohealth firms

REDI Cincinnati is sending a delegation to BIO International. Learn more about why they are going.