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Project Spotlight: 80 Acres Farms brings fresh food to plates — almost instantly

Greater Cincinnati is home base for the innovative 80 Acres Farms. With help from REDI Cincinnati, the company secured a 12,000-square-foot vegetable-growing facility. There, food industry veterans Mike Zelkind and Tish Livingston installed a vertical, hydroponic system equivalent to (you guessed it) 80 acres of farmland.


Greater Cincinnati supports grocery chain’s 100+ years of growth

When he opened his first store on Pearl Street in downtown Cincinnati, Barney Kroger couldn’t have a clue what his legacy would be.


Why food companies find a home in Ohio

Greater Cincinnati has long been home to dynamic food and flavoring companies.

Brewer ignites region’s passion for beer

Greater Cincinnati knows its beer. Built by German immigrants who brought their brewing culture to the region, we’re in the middle of a craft-brewing boom.

Dearborn County mill finds new life

A mill project bring development to Dearborn County.


Israel-based flavoring company finds sweet spot in Greater Cincinnati

Learn why an Israel-based flavorings company found its sweet spot in Greater Cincinnati.


2 reasons Greater Cincinnati is right for food companies

Food and flavoring companies have a lot to consider when expanding or relocating. Greater Cincinnati has the right ingredient mix to create a successful business.

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