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Hardy Diagnostics President: “Our future is in Ohio.”

Topping Greater Cincinnati’s list of recent biohealth wins worth celebrating is Hardy Diagnostics.


The House that Innovation Built: The Uptown Innovation Corridor

As economic developers, imagination might be our strongest muscle. We dream big and strategize bigger. We rally our partners around a vision, maintaining faith that all the intangible elements will come together to form concrete reality. When those elements do come together, it’s magic. But it’s no accident. With each finished project comes a reminder that even one missing brick would weaken the entire foundation.

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Biotech the Greater Cincinnati way - 3 reasons to invest with confidence

Biohealth investments are still some of the riskiest, but the upside is huge if they’re successful. According to Bexion Pharmaceuticals VP Margaret Gilse, Greater Cincinnati offers fertile ground for bio projects to grow — and it’s turning heads in international medical circles.


Enable Injections Finds Fertile Environment for Growth in Greater Cincinnati

In this guest post from Enable Injections, president and CEO Michael D. Hooven shares why the Cincinnati region is the best place to grow his third company.


Regional Companies Showcase Innovations at BIO International 2017

REDI Cincinnati and our partners were at the BIO International Convention 2017 in San Diego, California to introduce innovators to the Cincinnati region and showcase the technology advancements happening here. Read about the companies building on the region's biohealth legacy.


Biotech startup Genetesis finds its home in Mason

This startup founder thought of a groundbreaking biohealth innovation while attending a Greater Cincinnati high school. Find out where the company is now and why it chose to locate in the region.

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Medpace, Inc. wins James A. Wuenker Growth Award

Medpace, Inc. has been growing since it opened its doors in 1992. Its most-recent growth achieved recognition from local economic developers.

Skilled workers help global clinical research organization grow

Medpace grows due to available regional talent base.