The Cincinnati region boasts an attractive strong talent pool, affordable class A real estate space, convenient air transportation options, low cost of living, and high quality of life for growing business and professional services companies.

  • FINANCIAL SERVICES: Whether managing assets or business risk, originating loans or issuing securities, the region has proven an excellent location for growth-minded, technology-focused financial services businesses of all sizes.

  • BACK OFFICE SUPPORT SERVICES: Strong presence of banking, insurance, legal, and healthcare industry leaders in the Cincinnati region creates an ideal location for businesses offering administrative, accounting, and IT support services.

  • CONSUMER INSIGHTS: As headquarters for one of the world’s leading consumer packaged goods companies and other major national-brand retailers, the Cincinnati region also is a hub for companies that mine data analytics and insights on consumer behaviors and preferences

Cincinnati Talent Snapshot (Source: EMSI, 2017.3)

Notable HQ's and Shared Services Centers in the Cincinnati Region

Hear from the companies in our region.

 “US Digital Partners is the perfect example of a technology services business thriving in Cincinnati. From innovative startup through 18 years with brands large and small, USDP has shown that our region is ideal for economic and personal prosperity. We have found the combination of talented local graduates, a low cost of living and cost of business, and diverse companies to assist with digital marketing are the primary reasons for our success. Honestly, we could not have picked a better city for our headquarters as we collaborate with brands across the county.”

“There is strong collaboration within the Cincinnati region’s business community and REDI plays a key role in forging connections. We appreciate and rely on their partnership and diligent commitment to growing the regional footprint, which creates a larger customer base for us to serve.”

“I can’t help but reflect on what a perfect match Cincinnati and GE Aviation have been for 70 years. A community and company that have grown together.

Aerial of The Neighborhoods at Summit Park

Sites that Support Growth

Neighborhoods at Summit Park

Formerly a general aviation airport, The Neighborhoods at Summit Park is a 100-plus-acre, mixed-use development including large Class A office buildings and ground floor commercial space ideal for retail and dining. The development also offers single and multi-family residential components, hotel space, and several entertainment options – truly making it a destination that will appeal to both your workforce and guests.

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