Shared Services

Bring back-office needs together

It’s no secret — a creative and attractive space can engender pride and inspire great ideas. The three-state Cincinnati region offers properties as diverse as our people, in addition to existing talent and cost-saving incentives for companies consolidating back-office operations.

Find Shared Services Talent

Our wealth of local talent spans financial services, IT, marketing and other back-office functions. And thanks to unmatched affordability, even those with modest income can enjoy a high quality of life.

Let Greater Cincinnati’s long legacy of support for financial service institutions and consumer products companies change how customers interact with your brand.

Function Jobs (2016) Location Quotient Growth (2011-2016) Median hourly wages Regional completions
Tech 35,721 1.03 13% $36.10 6,252
HR 13,501 1.05 5% $28.96 2,185
Accounting & Finance 33,907 1.13 7% $26.75 5,309
Administrative 92,193 0.87 6% $17.88 1,915
Purchasing 5,097 1.21 7% $29.08 18
Compliance 9,332 0.87 -5% $33.93 663

Source: EMSI, 2017.3

Empower Your Workers to Create Efficiencies

Affordable living extends to business in Greater Cincinnati, where companies challenged to do more with less can take advantage of great leasing options, low construction costs and competitive salaries.


Metro Class A office rates Corporate Income Tax Occupation wages (industry wages)
Cincinnati $22.09/sq. ft. 0.00% $23.42/hr. *
Atlanta $27.70/sq. ft. 6.00% $25.51/hr.
Austin $39.19/sq. ft. 0.75% $24.66/hr.
Denver $30.98/sq. ft. 4.63% $27.97/hr.
Detroit $19.32/sq. ft.** 6.00% $23.44/hr.
New York $79.12/sq. ft. 6.50% $28.58/hr.

*Occupation Wage represents Ohio only
**Detroit did not have class A office rates only an average of all classes in the metro/All office rates represent gross asking sq. ft./year.
Source: Cushman and Wakefield Q2, 2017; State Tax Handbook, 2017

Connect with Your Peers

Greater Cincinnati is home to a number of large companies’ headquarters and shared services centers:

AK Steel
American Financial Group
Barclaycard Us
CDK Global
Fifth Third Bank
General Cable
General Electric
The Kroger Co.
Procter & Gamble
Western & Southern

Sites that Support Growth

Finding the right site can be as important as employing talented workers. That’s why in Greater Cincinnati, businesses and community leaders collaborate to offer a wide range of sites where companies can start working effectively from day one.

Here is an available Greater Cincinnati project site optimized to scale immediate operations:

On the Lateral

100,000 square feet
REDI Cincinnati


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