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A region of possibilities for new college graduates

Greater Cincinnati recently made headlines as the best city for new college graduates - and for reasons beyond affordability, low unemployment, and higher earnings. Read more to find out why Greater Cincinnati truly is the best place to start a career.


A six-figure job, without the four-year degree

Just about any conversation you have with an economic developer or employer will end in one place – the talent gap, specifically in advanced manufacturing. Learn what NPR podcast 1A had to say on the topic, and how that applies to the Cincinnati region.

Ocean Accelerator – Startups with a Mission

Faith, business and community mix at Ocean Accelerator, the only faith-based accelerator of its kind in the United States. Backed by Crossroads Church in Oakley, the program attracts more than 350 applicants annually from every corner of the world – and more continue to flock to Greater Cincinnati. So what makes startups at Ocean Accelerator so successful?

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Discovering our region's differentiators: why having a regional brand matters

What makes your region different from all the rest? Having a regional positioning message - or a way to tell your region's story - is an important part of economic development for many different reasons.


3 reasons why there’s a manufacturing skills gap

Automation as the cause for the manufacturing skills gap is a common theme in recent news. But there is more than one piece to this story. Read more to learn what else could be causing the disconnect between manufacturing employers and workers.

Getting to know JobsOhio and how it can help develop your site

REDI Cincinnati works with JobsOhio to make sites in the Cincinnati region more visible. Learn how JobsOhio can help your site get noticed by site selectors and growing companies.

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Apprenticeships in Ohio: Addressing the Manufacturing Talent Gap

Automation is one of many ways technology is changing the manufacturing industry - and it's causing concerns about whether the labor force can keep up. Two Greater Cincinnati companies have an uncommon solution to the problem.

Insights from the 2017 Southwest Ohio Economic Outlook Conference

White House policies, self-driving cars and new sewage systems - learn from the chief economist of PNC Bank and others how the events and trends of 2017 might shape the Greater Cincinnati economy.