Ohio is the birthplace of aviation and the Cincinnati region was home to Neil Armstrong, the first man on the moon. So, it’s no coincidence that our region is home to numerous aerospace companies. With hundreds of Tier 1 and Tier 2 aerospace suppliers located within the region or nearby in Dayton, companies in Cincinnati can maintain a strong network of partners for long-term success. Fueling that success is a concentration of production talent, aerospace engineering education, and exiting military talent that will help your business soar.

Building a Thriving Future For Aerospace

Cincinnati MSA Aerospace Industry Snapshot

Notable Aerospace Companies in the Cincinnati Region

Take a Look at the Cincinnati Region’s AeroHub:

GE Aviation

Success Story


Since 1949, GE Aerospace, has produced jet engines in Evendale, Ohio, calling Cincinnati its worldwide headquarters. GE Aerospace is now Cincinnati’s third-largest public company, with 9,000 employees across southwest Ohio and northern Kentucky, its single largest concentration of workers across 80 facilities.

“Why Cincinnati? Why Evendale? And really, there was no decision to make; when you’re home, you’re home. We’re very comfortable declaring that to the world.” – Larry Culp, CEO, GE Aerospace.

Hear from the companies in our region.

“Advanced Manufacturing Industry Partnership (AMIP) was designed to bring local manufacturers together to collaborate and find solutions for our industry’s skills gaps. Currently, AMIP has 250 active members. In 2019, we had the largest collection of Manufacturing Day events in the country, hosting more than 5,000 students at about 70 company locations. Together, we are working to better connect with our future talent pipeline.”

The Cincinnati region is extremely advanced in technology. We have industry leaders like GE Aviation and P&G that are looking 10-20 years in the future. They are asking questions about future workforce needs that will drive our educational institutions’ offerings. TechSolve works with AMIP and the regional educational institutions on a statewide initiative to upskill 5,000 Ohioans with innovative earn-and-learn (apprenticeship) strategies.”

"Why Cincinnati? Why Evendale? And really, there was no decision to make; when you're home, you're home. We're very comfortable declaring that to the world."

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