The Cincinnati region’s long-standing food processing legacy continues to evolve into success for the food and flavoring industry. From accessing raw materials and developing a brand identity—to finding a place on store shelves and incorporating products into a healthy lifestyle—our region supports the entire food and flavoring life cycle.

Cincinnati MSA Food & Flavoring Industry Snapshot

Notable Food & Flavoring Companies in the Cincinnati Region

Success Story

Givaudan Flavors Corp

Givaudan Flavors Corp., the largest manufacturer of flavorings and fragrances in the world has its North American Headquarters in Cincinnati with nearly 1,000 employees—making it one of the region’s largest manufacturers. While it might not be a familiar name—Givaudan sells ingredients rather than consumer products—the company’s creations touch the lives of billions of people around the globe every day. The company helps create perfumes from petals, fizzy drinks from citrus, and bubble baths from lavender to name just a few.

Capturing about 25 percent of its industry’s global market share, Givaudan is just one of Cincinnati’s many flavoring companies including Wild Flavors, an Archer Daniel Midlands company, and MANE.

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