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Since the early days of our “Porkopolis” meatpacking heritage, the Cincinnati region’s long-standing food legacy continues to evolve, thanks to access to raw materials and first-rate brand experts. From the source to the shelf, Greater Cincinnati remains at the forefront of food and flavoring processes with an emphasis on creating products to complement healthy lifestyles.

Discover Talented Workers

Food and flavoring companies need workers to develop new products, produce items efficiently and ensure brands stand out from the competition. The Cincinnati region supports these needs with a high concentration of diverse, skilled food and flavoring professionals.

Occupation (SOC code) Jobs (2016) Location Quotient Job Growth (2011-2016) Median Hourly Earnings
Chemical engineers (17-2041) 339 1.49 6% $37.38/hr.
Industrial engineers (17-2112) 4,045 2.24 19% $43.30/hr.
Mechanical engineers (17-2141) 2,426 1.19 12% $36.37/hr.
Industrial engineering technicians (17-3026) 699 1.54 18% $31.23/hr.
Mechanical engineering technicians (17-3027) 373 1.14 11% $22.61/hr.
Chemists (19-2031) 1,136 1.85 12% $32.55/hr.
Food scientists & technologists (19-1012) 251 2.29 24% $29.84/hr
Biological technicians (19-4021) 1,157 2.17 21% $21.18/hr.
Chemical technicians (19-4031) 1,007 2.18 10% $20.64/hr.

Move Products Faster, for Less

REDI Cincinnati is well-versed in working with food and flavoring companies which have perishable items that must move quickly from manufacturing floor to end user. Greater Cincinnati’s unmatched location and logistics framework makes it easy to transport products by land, air or water — at a faster rate than in many competitor markets.

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2 Class 1 Railroads

1 Short-Line Carrier

DHL International Shipping Hub

At CVG International Airport

200 Miles

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1-Day Drive

To most major metros

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Engage Partners to Spur Growth

Food and flavoring companies rely on strong partnerships to create new products. Greater Cincinnati is home to these established food and flavoring giants.