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Smart, inclusive fitness equipment helps users get more from a workout and share it with their doctor

The idea came to him when Ryan Eder was at the gym.

“I originally saw a man in a wheelchair struggling to work out,” said Eder. “And I was inspired to change the way we think about fitness.”

Out of that one experience, IncludeFitness was created.

Fitness technology for better health


IncludeFitness’s goal is to make exercise easier and smarter – no matter where a person chooses to work out. The company creates inclusive exercise equipment that can fit in anywhere from a YMCA, to a hospital or senior center.

“We pair HIPAA-compliant cloud software with our equipment to guide people through a routine, automatically document the workout, and provide objective measurable outcomes,” said Eder. “Our equipment collects meaningful data and instantaneously communicates it back to the user’s doctor, physical therapist or trainer to identify best practices and ensure patient compliance.”

This is a game-changing approach to both physical therapy and fitness.

Unique approach to fitness

IncludeFitness is a unique player in the health care industry. It offers a smarter and more collaborative fitness platform than the traditional pieces available on the market. All the while, its system is less expensive – with more capabilities – than many of the high-end therapeutic equipment currently used in health care settings.

“We’re really bridging the gap between what you see in a gym today and the high-end health care devices that still don’t collect the necessary user data or enable location-agnostic care,” said Eder.

The data collection and sharing is truly the unique part of the company’s offerings. By sending the user’s data to his or her physician, the exercise sessions travel with the user from the machine to the doctor’s office – exactly as the workout happened. The user does not need to remember stats or interpret information; and the physician can be assured the exercise happened exactly as prescribed or offer suggestions to make the workout more effective.

Continued recognition

Eder has already been recognized for his work in this field. In 2007, the project earned the Gold, Best in Show and People’s Choice Awards in the International Design Excellence Awards. In subsequent years, companies like Apple, Nike and Tesla would win these awards. This early recognition reinforced Eder he was moving in the right direction and helped springboard the company into existence. This year, the company is a finalist for the Medical Design Excellence Award.

Why Greater Cincinnati?

A company like IncludeFitness could locate anywhere in the U.S., but Eder chose to found his business in Greater Cincinnati.

A Cincinnati native, Eder’s original concept for IncludeFitness came from his senior thesis at the University of Cincinnati’s College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning. After graduation, Eder wanted to keep his business in his hometown.

“We received funding from Procter and Gamble, Cincytech, Ohio Tech Angels, Accelerant and many Ohio-based angels,” said Eder. “Our company was fostered by Ohio. I want to build my business here and give back to the ecosystem that helped me grow.”

Greater Cincinnati is quickly making a name for itself in the Life Sciences world. With more than 590 Life Sciences firms already located in the region, companies of any size can find the support they need to flourish here.

“Greater Cincinnati is growing a deep network for biotech startups,” said Eder. “It’s a powerful place to be, and it’s only getting stronger.”