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Skilled workers help global clinical research organization grow

Every organization needs the right mix of talented workers to help it grow. One clinical research company found that mix in Greater Cincinnati.


Medpace is a global leader in research-based drug and medical device development. By working with specific partners, the company uses its medical and regulatory experience to make clinical trials more efficient. With operations on six continents, Medpace chose to call Greater Cincinnati home.

Created by Dr. August Troendle in 1992, Medpace’s business model is different from other clinical research organizations (CROs). Since the company can both design and conduct clinical trials, its internal experts guide each program stage. This successful new business plan meant the team outgrew its current headquarters space and needed to find a new one.

Medpace’s leaders decided to grow in Greater Cincinnati because it found the right space, and more importantly, because the region has the right talent to support its goals.

“Medpace created an innovative business model, but we depend on local talent to make it work,” said Dr. Troendle. “The continued support from the City of Cincinnati, the Madisonville neighborhood and the State of Ohio are important to our continued success.”

With more than 105,000 industry professionals and graduates from the region’s many highly rate colleges and universities, Medpace has a large available candidate pool.

The company plans to continue to grow in the region by providing unique service to its customers.