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Silicon Valley tech company finds talent it needs in Greater Cincinnati

Quotient needs the brightest minds and the best talent to remain an industry leader. Its commitment to growth in Greater Cincinnati is catching the attention of local economic developers.


On March 2, Quotient earned a James A. Wuenker Growth Award from the Regional Economic Development Initiative (REDI) Cincinnati. Based on feedback from a panel of local economic development practitioners, Quotient was named as one of four winners. Other Growth Award winners include Medpace, Inc.; Nehemiah Manufacturing Company; and Safran Landing Systems. These four projects were selected from more than 90 completed throughout the three-state, 15-county Greater

Established as Incorporated in the late 1990s, the company was created with the goal of bringing the paper coupon industry to the digital world. The company persevered through dot-com crash, and today is a thriving business built on data and a suite of technology solutions that help connect brands and retailers to the right customer and the right time with the right content. The company still runs, a popular mobile app and website. But the business had outgrown the coupon name, and in late 2015 it became Quotient to better reflect the breadth and sophistication of the its offerings.

The name wasn’t the only thing the company outgrew. It was also bursting out of its Cincinnati region office space.

 “We’ve experienced steady organic growth in Cincinnati,” said Chad Summe, vice president and general manager of U.S. sales, Quotient. “Before we realized it, we needed a new space.”

Like all tech companies, Quotient needs talented people to fuel its growth. The ability to find and retain skilled employees who can perform a wide range of functions is critical. With an established base in California – and a growing number of clients in both Chicago and New York City – Quotient needed a larger location in the middle of the country. The company already had a small office here in Cincinnati, but the organic growth it had been experiencing meant that the office needed to grow or relocate to another region.

“Every CEO worries about where to find talent,” said Summe. “Greater Cincinnati has a strong base of talented workers we can pull from to keep our company growing.”

Local, regional and state economic developers impressed Quotient Technology’s leadership with how well they worked together and how easy they made it to locate the company in Kenwood. The region’s competitive tax structure and low cost of doing business also contributed to the decision to grow in Greater Cincinnati.

“Creating a job is one of the more gratifying things I do,” said Summe. “I know Greater Cincinnati well, and it’s exciting to create jobs here.”

Quotient and its fellow winners were recognized during REDI’s annual meeting at the Monastery Event Center on March 2, 2017.

Quotient Inc. accepts James A. Wuenker Award

PHOTO: Chad Summe (VP and general manager of U.S. sales, Quotient Technology Inc.), Reba Miller, Jeff Wuenker and Johnna Reeder at REDI Cincinnati’s 2017 annual meeting in Cincinnati, Thursday, March 2, 2017. (Steve Ziegelmeyer/REDI Cincinnati)