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REDI Cincinnati shares region’s story with top Life Sciences firms

In early June, REDI Cincinnati’s Kimm Lauterbach and Stacie Dastoor will lead a delegation from Ohio to San Francisco for BIO International, the largest Life Sciences conference in the world.


The goal? To partner with companies from across Ohio, including JobsOhio, BioOhio, CincyTech, Airway Therapeutics, Eccrine Systems, Enable Injections and IncludeFitness, to demonstrate why Greater Cincinnati is the best place Life Sciences companies.

REDI and Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, one of the largest pediatric research facilites in the world, will host an exclusive VIP event with more than 200 vetted companies looking to partner with the hospital while attending BIO International.

“This is an example of bringing the ecosystem with us to tell the Greater Cincinnati story,” said Kimm Lauterbach, vice president of business development and projects for REDI Cincinnati. “Bringing these companies validates world-class expertise and innovation is happening in our region and provides third-party testimonials from companies experiencing the benefits of doing business in Greater Cincinnati.”

REDI Cincinnati will meet with companies in one-on-one and as part of the JobsOhio booth #7437 in the West building to showcase the world’s top Life Sciences innovations happening in Greater Cincinnati and Ohio.