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REDI Cincinnati hires director of investor relations with eye towards financial future

REDI Cincinnati has added Carrie Pastor as director of investor relations to its team of dedicated economic development professionals. In her new role, Pastor will cultivate relationships with new and existing REDI Cincinnati investors, help strengthen regional partnerships, and drive engagement to further the organization’s mission of aligning the region to compete globally. Most recently, Pastor served as senior government affairs manager at the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber.

“Since joining REDI Cincinnati five years ago and leading the team for almost a full year now, I see partnerships across our 16 counties driving more success for the region than ever before,” said Kimm Lauterbach, REDI Cincinnati President and CEO. “As we focus on generating greater results in job creation and elevating our region’s success, I am thrilled to have Carrie play such a pivotal role at REDI Cincinnati. Her relationships, collaborative spirit, and solid understanding of our region are incredible assets for us as we continue to build on our strong foundation.”

Lauterbach, coming up on her one-year anniversary in September as REDI Cincinnati’s president and CEO, marked the organization’s five-year anniversary earlier in the year by kicking off a strategic planning process to develop a comprehensive five-year regional economic development framework, which will be unveiled later this year. A fundraising feasibility study, which Lauterbach has appointed Pastor to lead, is also being conducted to assess the current financial model used to fund its economic development efforts in the Cincinnati region.

“With the development of REDI Cincinnati’s five-year strategic framework and the fundraising feasibility study underway, this is a particularly exciting time for me to join the team as the director of investor relations. I look forward to connecting with our investors, both existing and new, and working with them to further grow our region’s economic success,” saidPastor. “We cannot do our work without their support and partnership, as they are the shining examples for other business leaders who are thinking about expanding or moving here. We are incredibly grateful for their contributions of time, talents, and treasures to our region.”

REDI Cincinnati will share its strategic framework, based on an evaluation of the region’s economy, with business and community leaders across the three-state, 16-county MSA. Throughout the process, REDI Cincinnati has engaged with leaders, influencers, and community members who have shared their expertise and insights through a combination of committees, focus groups, one-on-one interviews and a public-facing survey—all of which is being used to inform and shape the organization’s strategic framework and funding model. The final strategy will include REDI Cincinnati’s vision and goals as well as an action plan for increasing economic growth and prosperity for the Cincinnati region over the next five years.