Why Invest

Feel the power of possibility

Companies of every size and scope across our 16-county region choose to invest in REDI Cincinnati — and that’s no coincidence. They all have one simple thing in common: A belief in our power to fuel Greater Cincinnati’s success. We bring players to the table and give companies a foothold for growth.

Our investors understand economies cannot grow without economic development. Growing jobs and capital investment in a region means:

  • Increasing the tax base for cities, counties, villages and other governments to support critical programming
  • Attracting talented, skilled workers
  • Understanding and growing the “ripple effect” of primary industry jobs creating demand for non-primary industry jobs in health care, service-based, personal real estate, etc.
  • Lifting communities out of poverty by creating employment opportunities

The REDI Cincinnati team is made up of inventive, aggressive and passionate experts who are laser-focused on growth the region. But we can’t do it alone. Crucial to our mission are investors who will roll up their sleeves, dig in and help make amazing things happen.


Investor benefits  Ambassadors $5,000 Directors $10,000 Stewards $25,000 Partners $50,000 Founders ($100,000+)
Invitation to REDI Cincinnati annual meeting & Growth Awards ceremony X X X X X
In-the-know regional developments & announcements through exclusive REDI Cincinnati communications X X X X X
Recognition as investor on REDI website, social media & materials X X X X X
Invitation to REDI Cincinnati Investor PopUp networking opportunities X X X X X
Access to REDI Cincinnati's original research and market data X X X X X
Seat on REDI Cincinnati Board of Directors (meets quarterly)   X X X X
Engaged as a resource to share insight and expertise at REDI Cincinnati programs   X X X X
Opportunity to travel with REDI Cincinnati and be at the forefront of regional business development   X Domestic travel benefit* International travel benefit* Domestic & international travel benefit*
Eligible to receive and respond to RFIs and prospect site searches (investor must opt-in)   X X X X
Invitation to serve on board committees with fellow business leaders   X X X X
Access to exclusive REDI Cincinnati board-only prospect recruitment initiatives    X X X X
Request custom market intelligence and research from REDI Cincinnati's in-house research and project teams     X X X
First rights on special sponsorship opportunities as they occur     X X X
Partner with REDI Cincinnati on strategic joint prospecting initiatives        X X

*See REDI Cincinnati travel guidelines for detailed travel benefits