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Meet the Team Behind the Mission: Q&A with Sue Biorseth

With the exception of a brief turn as TWA flight attendant in the late 1970s, Sue Biorseth’s lengthy résumé leans toward the boardroom. The Texas native and University of Cincinnati grad has at points overseen a financial broker’s office, started her own company, established a franchise business, and managed scheduling for a statewide senatorial race.

But Sue’s business experience belies the thrill-seeking nature of someone who enjoys taking calculated risks for major upside. In that sense, her current role as Vice President of Finance and Administration for REDI Cincinnati might just be the best of both worlds, enabling her to leverage organizational and strategic strengths to pull off big wins for the region. “After four years,” Sue says, “I still wake up every morning energized and looking forward to my day.”

Q: What was your first introduction to REDI Cincinnati, and how has your role evolved?
A: After a phone call with Johnna Reeder, we simply clicked and I was hired as Executive Assistant and Office Manager shortly after REDI Cincinnati was established. Since then my role expanded to Senior Director of Finance, then Vice President of Finance & Administration. It’s been fun to dig in at ground level and use my diverse business experience to help build our culture and efficiencies — and I’ve learned economic development along the way.

Q: How might your colleagues at REDI Cincinnati describe you?
A: Funny you should ask; we did a team workshop earlier this year where we anonymously shared positive affirmation. A few words my coworkers used to describe me were: methodical, determined, seasoned professional, good counselor, trusted advisor, peacemaker, and process improver. But the one that touched me the most was being described as REDI Cincinnati’s “rock” and a stabilizing force for good.

Q: What are some of your favorite things about Greater Cincinnati?
A: Over the years, my career has pulled me to places like Boston, Florida, and Washington DC, but I’ve always returned to the Greater Cincinnati region. I think that’s because the people in our region are simply the best — hardworking, trustworthy, collaborative, and genuine. It’s getting harder and harder to find this collection of traits in a region. One testament to that is, when I was recruited to work in DC following the November 2010 election, one of the attributes tipping the scale in my favor was being from the Midwest!

Q: What’s your favorite thing to do outside of work?
A: I enjoy decorating (and redecorating) my house and spending time with my daughter Katy and my mother, who returned to Cincinnati after 30-plus years living elsewhere. I also love walking and hiking and exploring the architecture in our region. It really tells a story.