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How to leverage IT trends for economic development

To remain competitive, economic development professionals should pay close attention to changing IT trends. While reading the recent Gartner CIO survey, I noticed three trends that could impact business in Greater Cincinnati:

  1. The top places companies spent their 2015 IT dollars are business intelligence and analytics, infrastructure and data centers, and cloud storage.
  2. Digital marketing experienced the biggest spend increase in 2015.
  3. Spending on enterprise resource management (integrated applications, like the Microsoft suite) and mobile is falling.

So, what does this mean for us?

Those trends indicate which technologies, advancements and innovations are gaining attention, which gives Greater Cincinnati an opportunity to see how our strengths can align. Our region punches well above its weight class in data analytics, both in the available talent and the companies already thriving here. This trend data helps us make the case that IT companies with these specialities can succeed here.

How is your company planning to use technology this year? It may be time to see how your strategies align with the national averages.

Special thanks to Gartner for providing its CIO survey to us!