Affordable Utilities

The Cincinnati region is built to support growing companies

Greater Cincinnati companies have easy access to reliable power, water, gas and Internet service.


The region’s unique three-state footprint — Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana — gives companies the freedom to choose regulated or deregulated power. That way, users get the best fit for their energy needs.

Businesses in downtown Cincinnati and the fast-growing Over-the-Rhine get unmatched access to electricity. Regional provider Duke Energy installed a redundant system throughout both neighborhoods, which mean if service from one power source is interrupted, another source automatically fills the gap. This system works so well, no customer using it experienced a noticeable power outage in nearly ten years.

State Price per kWh
Kentucky $0.052
Illinois $0.063
Ohio $0.064
West Virginia $0.066
Pennsylvania $0.069
Indiana $0.070
Michigan $0.070
Wisconsin $0.077



Greater Cincinnati companies take full advantage of the nearby Amazon Web Service data pipeline and high-speed fiber optics from Cincinnati Bell. Let the Ohio Academic Resources Network (OARnet) power your innovations as well. This next-generation broadband superhighway has more than 2,240 miles of fiber-optic cable, delivering ultrafast Internet to businesses.

Renewable Energy

As part of Duke Energy’s commitment to new energy solutions, the provider committed to install three solar facilities — comprising approximately 31,500 solar panels — across Northern Kentucky’s Kenton and Grant counties by the end of 2017. The facilities are expected to generate approximately 6.8 megawatts of clean, renewable electricity to benefit residents and businesses alike.


Much of the region is served by Greater Cincinnati Water Works (GCWW), providing approximately 48 billion gallons of water annually through 3,000 miles of water mains. GCWW tests its water more than 600 times daily from its source, through treatment and distribution, to ensure it meets all state and federal health standards. Municipal providers are available in some locations as well.

The Cincinnati region is one of the most water-rich in the nation, with most water coming from the Ohio River and Great Miami Aquifer. Our water-safety system is unique to the region and the first of its type in the country. Any rare instance of river contamination is detected and managed early, ensuring clean water for our region’s manufacturers and food processors.