Tax Credits

  • Tax-Exempt Bond Programs offer several tax-exempt bonds to eligible applicants through the Indiana Finance Authority, including a Volume Cap Program, Large Bond Program, Small Bond Program and Master Financing Program
  • Patent Income Exemption is a tax exemption for patent-derived income for utility and plant patents
  • Headquarters Relocation Tax Credit provides a tax credit to corporations that relocate headquarters to Indiana
  • Hoosier Business Investment Tax Credit provides incentives to support job creation and capital investment that improves the standard of living for Indiana residents


Research and Development

  • R&D Sales Tax Exemption provides a credit against taxpayers’ state income tax liability and may refund sales tax paid from purchases of qualified research and development equipment
  • R&D Tax Credit provides a credit against state tax liability for qualified company research expenses

The REDI Cincinnati team is available to connect you with our partners in Southeast Indiana to talk about additional incentives that may be available to your company. Connect with Tim Bachman, interim Vice President, Business Development & Project Management to learn more.