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Additional Assets

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Greater Cincinnati has a range of assets that benefit each company located here.

Branding & Marketing

Products and services are only successful when consumers want to purchase them. The same branding experts who transformed many consumer products into household names are teaming up with data analytics professionals to help companies put their products in front of a target audience when it’s ready to purchase.

Distribution & Logistics

The Cincinnati region is at the center of the U.S., which makes shipping products quick and efficient. Greater Cincinnati is located within a 90-minute flight or a one-day trucker’s drive from most major U.S. metros.

2 Class 1 Railroads

1 Short-Line Carrier

DHL International Shipping Hub

At CVG International Airport

200 Miles of the Ohio River

200 Miles of the Ohio River

1-Day Drive

To most major metros

tristate area

Finance & Insurance

Finance is a legacy industry in Greater Cincinnati. Whether a company needs to consolidate its financial services in one location or needs financial services professionals, the region is able to supply experienced workers who have a low cost of living.

Research & Development

The Cincinnati region understands how to find answers to research questions. From math and life sciences to engineering and physical sciences, Greater Cincinnati is the right spot to fill any company’s R&D needs.