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Dearborn County mill finds new life

When first considering a new location, the Siemer Milling leadership never considered a property in Harrison, Indiana. But, the city ended up having exactly what the company needed to grow.

The Whitewater Mill project brought together regional and local economic developers in a unique way that clearly demonstrated how collaboration can produce results.

Why Greater Cincinnati?

Siemer Milling was running out of space at its current mill and needed a new location to grow. The company has a highly productive location in Northern Kentucky, and it wanted to locate the new mill close to this facility.

The mill’s location also lets it serve another nearby food producer by piping flour directly to that production facility. This cheaper shipping method means a less-expensive product for the end user. The state-of-the-art location uses some of the best milling technology in the U.S., making it an industry leader.

More than a mill

In addition to producing flour, the mill hosts regional farmers who want to learn more about their craft. Mill workers educate farmers how to rotate wheat crops to increase the product their farmland will yield. This helps the farmers get more from their fields while decreasing the distance raw materials travel between the farm and the mill. The mill also works with the University of Kentucky’s agriculture department to help local farmers refine their wheat-growing skills.

True community partner

When the Siemer family visited the Harrison location, they knew they were home. The family comes from a small Illinois town where they farmed their own land. The Siemers understand the importance of working with local farmers and place an emphasis on ensuring those farmers are treated fairly.

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