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Brewer ignites region’s passion for beer

Greater Cincinnati knows its beer.

Built by German immigrants who brought their brewing culture to the region, we’re in the middle of a craft-brewing boom. Rhinegeist, LLC is one growing local company that exemplifies that growth.

Local brewer turned neighborhood anchor

In 2013, Rhinegiest established itself on as a key business and resident north of Liberty Street. Company cofounder and president Bob Bonder acquired the 110,000-square-foot brewery to establish a permanent location for his new craft beer business.

With more than 3,000 customers every week, Rhinegiest is experiencing explosive growth. One year after purchasing the property, the brewery committed to creating 40 new jobs and $6.5 million in capital investment.

Brewer commits to region

Bonder, who came to Cincinnati from Denver by way of New York, is proud to call the Queen City home.

“When I moved here, I thought I’d be here for a handful of years and I’d take my business back to the coast,” he said. “With the opportunity that’s here, there’s no shot I’m leaving.”

Bonder found Greater Cincinnati offers a low cost of doing business, paired with a low cost of living. He also found a creative class of young entrepreneurs who helped him feel at home. But one more factor led Bonder to choose our region.

“One thing that I found unique here was that I could cold-call or send an email to anybody. Anybody in the entire city – from the mayor to the guys running Fortune® 500 companies and get a response,” he said.

Bonder found what other entrepreneurs do – Greater Cincinnati is the right-sized city for business owners. Entrepreneurs can access established CEOs who are excited to mentor the next generation.

Learn more about why Bonder chose to build his business – and his future – in Greater Cincinnati.