Why Invest

Feel the power of possibility

Companies of every size and scope across our 15-county region choose to invest in REDI Cincinnati — and that’s no coincidence. They all have one simple thing in common: A belief in our power to fuel Greater Cincinnati’s success. We bring players to the table and give companies a foothold for growth.

Our investors understand economies cannot grow without economic development. Growing jobs and capital investment in a region means:

  • Increasing the tax base for cities, counties, villages and other governments to support critical programming
  • Attracting talented, skilled workers
  • Understanding and growing the “ripple effect” of primary industry jobs creating demand for non-primary industry jobs in health care, service-based, personal real estate, etc.
  • Lifting communities out of poverty by creating employment opportunities

The REDI Cincinnati team is made up of inventive, aggressive and passionate experts who are laser-focused on growth the region. But we can’t do it alone. Crucial to our mission are investors who will roll up their sleeves, dig in and help make amazing things happen.