Our region is over-indexed in "big data", which is one of the five catalysts for vigorous growth identified by McKinsey & Company.

GREATER CINCINNATI HAS MOMENTUM named the city on of ten on the brink of becoming the next Silicon Valley.

A leading IT talent and innovation hub 

Greater Cincinnati is earning its title as a leading IT hub. Regional businesses are building a world-class IT talent base and as a result, more than 1,500 IT-related businesses are thriving here.

Our IT leadership and talent create game-changing innovations on an ongoing basis. From Fortune® 500 companies to startups, Greater Cincinnati businesses think about data and IT differently. An opportunity international consulting firms discovered and are capitalizing on. Several of these firms chose to locate their North American headquarters in Greater Cincinnati, including Tata Consultancy Services, Pomeroy and itelligence. 

Strong educational programs continue to develop tomorrow’s great tech minds. Tap into programs like University of Cincinnati’s College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning; Northern Kentucky University of Informatics; and Miami University’s Armstrong Institute for Interactive Media Studies. 

Success Stories

  • Axiom - This global product development and innovation company is on the fast track in the Greater Cincinnati region. 
  • Cincom Systems, Inc. - Since 1969, this global software pioneer shaped and led the industry from its headquarters in Greater Cincinnati. 
  • Clear Measures - This analytics and big data services firm grew through its investments in the region as well as by making data more meaningful for clients  
  • Paycor - This leading payroll service company taps into opportunities and invests in the region. 
  • - This diet and fitness website tops the charts with 15 million registered users. (Video) (Case Study
  • Tata Consultancy - The Greater Cincinnati region enabled this global IT conglomerate to successfully enter the U.S. market. 




To learn more about our region's IT advantages, contact REDI Cincinnati at (513) 562-8474 or


  • 1,500 IT companies and 17,900 skilled industry workers
  • Home to nationally ranked incubators, including public-private, seed-stage investor CincyTech
  • Ranked tenth best metro area for STEM professionals by WalletHub in 2015

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