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Here you’re only one cup of coffee away from decisionmakers. We’ll help you find the talent, real estate, and financing to help you thrive and grow here.

Wade Williams

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Business and professional services talent in the Cincinnati Region

The ingredients for a strong services workforce are all here: A large pool of talent, a low cost of living, high quality of life, and affordable class-A real estate space.  It’s a recipe for thriving that many services organizations, from finance to consumer insights, are taking advantage of.

  • 13,501 HR jobs
  • 35,721 tech jobs
  • 33,907 accounting and finance jobs
  • 92,103 administrative jobs
  • 9,332 compliance jobs

“Our firm sees great value in the corporate, non-profit and community focus on diversity, equity and inclusion. This creates a vibrant ecosystem to retain and attract minority, women and veteran owned businesses to the region. This provides new and exciting opportunities to service these organizations with risk and insurance consulting services as MBEs make up less than 2% of the industry. With the support of REDI and their focus on underrepresented businesses, along with the major businesses to support them, our region will be the best in class for growth of wealth and jobs. When our CEO moved to Greensboro, NC, it was for these reasons it was easy to convince him that we should keep Cincinnati as our HQ.”

Laurence F. Jones III, RiskVersity

Business and professional services talent in the Cincinnati Region


Whether managing assets or business risk, originating loans or issuing securities, the region is an excellent location for growth-minded, technology-focused financial services of all sizes. Expect a vast talent pipeline in the Cincinnati region as this sector, especially fintech, continues to grow.

Susan Zaunbrecher

“There is strong collaboration within the Cincinnati region’s business community and REDI plays a key role in forging connections. We appreciate and rely on their partnership and diligent commitment to growing the regional footprint, which creates a larger customer base for us to serve.”

Susan B. Zaunbrecher, Esq., Fifth Third Bank

Fifth third bank

Consumer Insights

In addition to serving as the HQ for one of the world’s largest consumer packaged goods companies, the Cincinnati region is also a hub for companies that mine data analytics and insights on consumer behaviors and preferences. Global consumer research companies and technology companies all live here. The Cincinnati region is within one days’ drive of half the country, making its proximity and connectedness a major draw for companies doing business nationally.

Guy Peri

“We have built a world-class data strategy and analytics team here to address business opportunities across every P&G function.”

Guy Peri, Proctor & Gamble

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Startup business and entrepreneurship. Young software developers team brainstorming and programming on desktop computer in startup company share office space.

Back Office Support Services

A considerable mix of banking, insurance, legal, and healthcare industry leaders in the Cincinnati region creates a significant opportunity for businesses offering administrative, accounting, and IT support services.


“Business leaders need to know our diverse economy is fueled by small, midsized, and multinational companies. No matter the industry or focus, this is a place where you can reach world-class potential.”

Danielle Wilson, Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce

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