Forge the Future of Biohealth in the Cincinnati Region

Here, our deep talent pool, extensive research infrastructure, and robust public/private research community support major biohealth companies, research universities, and medical institutions as they forge the future of health.

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Biomedical Research

Research entities in our 16-county region span the physical, life, and computational sciences, developing new therapies and technologies to improve medical outcomes and address unmet needs.

Cincinnati Region Biohealth Industry Snapshot

  • 844 Biohealth Businesses
  • 14,000+ Industry Workers
  • 12% Job Growth (2014-1029)
  •  $3.46B in Gross Regional Product (GRP)

Medical Device Manufacturing

Medical device manufacturers find in our region an ideal combination of biotech talent, cost-competitive labor, and one of the nation’s leading logistics hubs.

We look forward to continuing to work with partners to develop patient-friendly drug delivery technology which shows great potential to add value to the healthcare system by boosting compliance while lowering costs.”

Michael Hooven, CEO, Enable Injections


The Cincinnati region’s health IT businesses represent the convergence of software, services, and devices in support of complex research, regulatory, financial, recordkeeping, supply chain, and other systems.

“We have built a world-class, patient-centric technology platform that connects a human life to its entire healthcare ecosystem and we are proud to be doing so from our great city of Cincinnati.”

Dr. Ahmad, President & CEO of AssureCare