Advanced Manufacturing in the Cincinnati Region

From Aerospace, Automotive, Food & Flavoring, and much more, the Cincinnati region provides manufacturing companies the resources and support to grow and thrive.

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Aerospace Manufacturing

With hundreds of Tier 1 and Tier 2 aerospace suppliers located within the region or in nearby Dayton, companies can maintain a strong network of partners.

  • Home to 152 aerospace companies
  • 7.5% industry job growth (2015-2020)
  • $5.55 B in Gross Regional Product (GRP)
  • Over 16,500+ aerospace industry workers

“I can’t help but reflect on what a perfect match Cincinnati and GE Aviation have been for 70 years. A community and company that have grown together.”

David Joyce, President, and CEO, GE Aviation

GE Aviation Logo

Automotive Manufacturing

Auto producers here reap the benefits of Cincinnati’s talent, location, and low tax rates.

  • Reach 77% of North American auto production and 96% of U.S. and Canadian auto production within a one-day drive
  • Over 11,000 automotive industry workers
  • 3.6% industry job growth (2015-2020)
  • $1.51 B in Gross Regional Product (GRP)

SUCCESS STORY: UGN, Inc. is a Tier 1 automotive supplier of acoustic, interior trim, and thermal management products. Originally selecting Monroe, OH for its manufacturing location in 2014, UGN committed to an expansion in 2018. The 150,000-square-foot expansion added 111 jobs and approximately $40MM in capital investment. Location to customers and success in finding a skilled workforce led to UGN choosing the Cincinnati region for a second time.

Happy employee on a lab

Food & Flavoring Production

From accessing raw materials to finding a brand identity and securing a place on store shelves, this region supports the entire food and flavoring life cycle.

  • Access to raw materials and tools to establish a brand identity
  • Over 17,500 Food & Flavoring industry workers
  • 16.1% job growth (2015-2020)
  • $2.64 B in Gross Regional Product (GRP)

SUCCESS STORY: Givaudan Flavors Corp., the largest manufacturer of flavorings and fragrances in the world has its North American Headquarters in Cincinnati with nearly 1,000 employees. Capturing about 25 percent of its industry’s global market share, Givaudan is just one of Cincinnati’s many flavoring companies including Wild Flavors, an Archer Daniel Midlands company, and MANE.