Industry resources and expertise 

BioHealth - Explore our many incubators, accelerators, technology commercialization and funding sources that can help you successfully launch your life sciences businesses or innovation.

Food and Flavoring - Learn how Greater Cincinnati's central location provides access to key markets and consumers, while our well-established supply chain, branding and marketing expertise, startup support, and wide-spread industry collaboration can support your company's success.

Information Technology - Get connected to networking and collaboration opportunities with top companies or launch a successful IT business in one of our incubators or accelerators.

Manufacturing - See how our funding sources, research and development organizations and technology-licensing opportunities can give your manufacturing company a competitive edge.

Shared Services and Headquarters - Looking to bring your back-office jobs together in one location? Or maybe it's time for a new headquarters city. Greater Cincinnati has the talent and the resources to help your company grow. 

Additional resources

Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber - The fifth-largest Chamber of Commerce in the U.S. will help you network and make new connections with business leaders.

Foreign Trade Zone - Greater Cincinnati's two Foreign Trade Zones uniquely position the region to support international and domestic companies with customers around the world.

Port Authorities - Our region has seven Port Authorities which offer a broad range of assistance options - from financing and property acquisition to facility construction. This assistance is provided on a project-by-project basis.

More Information

For more information, contact REDI Cincinnati at (513) 562-8474 or
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